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Why My High School Prom Was Extra Special

My family has been struggling to get by due to changes where my parents work. We manage our expenses very well. My brother and I work part time, and we still deliver newspapers in the morning even though I am graduating this year. I had no plans for prom until I met a girl and really fell for her. My parents are the ones that made sure I was able to do prom the right way with a tux, limo and even the senior dinner. Our neighbor works for a limo company. I heard him say to check our website for the best limos at the best price.

No one knows about our financial struggles. That is how it is for most families. We are very frugal, and we do not waste money on things. I am a teenager and I use coupons! We picked a nice limo for my senior prom from a company that offers superior service, clean limos and party buses and professional drivers at rates that people can actually afford. Mom and dad would not let me talk them out of it. I was okay with just getting a ride in our car. They were not. I had found out that they were saving for the prom expenses even though I did not have a girlfriend at the time nor expressed any desire to go. They know me. They know I will keep things to myself that I know we really cannot afford.

I do not get any problems from my peers about being smart with money. I am not a follower of the crowd. Maybe that helps. My girlfriend tells me that is why she pursued me. She says I am not negative about things even when a situation looks impossible. Her dad tells me it is natural leadership ability. I don’t know about that. I just know that it is family first and help others where you can. I do not make demands of people, but I can really tell you that the prom night limo, tux and dinner with my girlfriend are a special night that I will always remember.

July 28 2016 12:31 pm | England Travel Guide

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