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We Just Got to Colorado

Jack and I packed up two pick up trucks and headed out here last week. I pulled a trailer with more tools and such in it. We got a big contract and it was worth it for us to come up here. Of course in this part of the world this is the off season, they are expecting us to do what we do and be out of here when the snow starts to fall. Some way or another we are living in this luxury cabin rentals in Aspen, but like I said the place is likely vacant a lot before the snows fall. This place is really great, with two big Hot Tubs For You and an incredible view. It seems like they would be able to find people to rent the place out in the summer, but we are living in it more or less for free with good home internet deals. The guy that has us working for him threw that in to seal the deal. Obviously we were not that keen to pack things up and move up here for months at a time. Having a free place to stay really convinced us.

It would be a great deal more awesome if I was up here with Jenny instead of Jack. I have been trying to convince him to go get a hotel room so that she can fly up here and visit me. Of course he would be more than willing to do this, so long as I am going to pay for the room. I was not too eager when I found out what they charge for the place he picked out. It seemed as though the off season rates would be a lot lower, but of course Jack was being a smart alec and picking out the most expensive place that he could find.

August 29 2017 04:31 am | England Travel Guide

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