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Using a Party Bus to Visit a Movie Premier Was Fun

Some friends and I were planning on attending a movie premier, some of them wanted to stay home and get info on which country has the best shows on netflix, at the end we ended up going to the theaters. It was the newest movie of a franchise we have been watching since it originally came out back when we were young children. We had enough people that we wanted to rent a limo to take us. There were going to be a couple of the actors attending the premier, so it was a big deal to us. After word got out that we were going in a limo, more people wanted to go with us. By the time we were going, we needed a Platinum Toronto party bus to take us all.

It was really cool puling up in front of the theater in the party bus. It took a few minutes for all of us to get out. We were all dressed in formal attire and people were taking pictures of us. They did not know who we were. It was kind of fun to do that. The bus made the whole trip fun. I have been in limos, and the Platinum Toronto party bus was a whole lot more comfortable. Everyone noticed the bus. When the actors showed up in a limo behind us, they were ignored until someone finally noticed who they were! Now let me tell you that was an interesting experience!

That shiny party bus was reflecting the lights from the theater. We walked up the red carpet and showed our tickets at the door. The staff was surprised to find out that we were regular moviegoers and not VIPs. They liked our style and gave us great seats and complimentary beverages and popcorn. One of them said that upstaging the actors would be noticed more than just the actors showing up for a few minutes before the premier started. We got to meet them, and they said they will be using a party bus next time too!

August 16 2016 12:30 pm | England Travel Guide

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