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Packing In Style

Whether you’re jet setting all around the globe, hitting the open road, or just visiting a friend packing your wardrobe for a trip can be a bit of a challenge. Sure you want a lot of different clothing options and you want to be open to all sorts of possible scenarios but with high baggage fees, heavy suitcases, and messy hotel rooms, packing light may not be such a bad idea. In the end it’s all about balance. If you’re looking to maintain your unique style while you’re out travelling there’s a lot of planning that’s involved. More than you might think!

First up, weather. Taking the weather into account is the best way to narrow down your options right from the start. Be sure to check the upcoming forecast for your destination but keep in mind that the forecast might not always be 100% correct. If you’re travelling to warmer climates prepare for rain and if you’re travelling in cold climates prepare for snow, no matter what the weather report says! Of course there are plenty of destinations that are famous for their unpredictable weather. These are typically the hardest to pack for. In these cases compromises have to be made. You’ll most likely need to pack a few more options than you would have wanted to previously, especially if you were wanting to pack light.

Now that you know what kind of weather you’ll be packing for it’s time to create the wardrobe. Maintaining your style during your travels is important to you, and why wouldn’t it be? You have a great sense of style! When travelling think about the types of events you’ll be going to. Don’t make the mistake of packing a bunch of individual pieces without planning the outfit. You’ll arrive and find that you have nothing that really goes together! You may have a lot of clothes from thefifthcollection.com but you don’t have a lot of options. The best way to avoid this is to plan each outfit. Focus on a scenario you might find yourself in like going to an elegant dinner with friends, spending the day in the park, or going on a date to a local bar. What kind of outfit would you wear to these occasions? Plan around that and you’ll find that packing your wardrobe is easier than you might have thought.


Don’t forget the basics as many of us are want to do. We like to focus on the fancy outfits, the cute special occasion top, or the shoes that go with almost nothing but are super cool. Sometimes in all this excitement we forget about the basics! Once you’ve got most of your outfits selected and you know what kind of weather to prepare for, make sure you’ve got the basics. These are items that can go well with anything and work as a great foundation to any awesome outfit. Basics like tees, tanks, jeans, and more can be found at American Eagle. There you’ll find amazing deals on everything you need for your trip!

There you have it. Easy as can be! Packing up your wardrobe may require a bit of planning but it’s a lot of fun and will totally pay off.

December 01 2017 05:46 am | England Travel Guide

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