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I Tried Something Different to Catch Attention from the Right People

As someone who has been interested in music since I was a little boy, I was anxious to figure out how I could apply that to a future career. Many of my friends were into playing guitar and singing, but I was interested in something more energetic, and quickly fell in love with club music in my teens. I spent a lot of time honing my craft through the years. By the time I hit age 21, I felt ready to show what I could do, so I rented a Toronto party bus and invited some people in the music biz to a night out while I played all the tunes for the night.

Some people start out working as a freelance DJ for weddings and things like that. I had watched them do it for years, and while it brought in some money, it did not help them to get really well known by the right people. They had to hope that they would also get some gigs with local clubs and hope that a music industry exec was around to hear them play at the same time, or hope that enough people in each of the clubs would love their music so much that the conversational buzz would reach someone important. I just knew that I did not have the patience for that.

I was lucky that I had met a lot of people who hold powerful in the business early on, and they all knew that I helped others with recording their music and was good at it. But most of them had not heard the tunes that I had come up with myself. Renting the bus was perfect because they were very curious about it because it was so different. I had 20 people show up for my big debut, and by the end of the night and two hours of my music, I had eight of them offer me gigs and contracts!

August 16 2016 12:31 pm | England Travel Guide

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