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Giving a Presentation on Wheels

For a client at my job, my boss put me in charge of giving a presentation that would knock his socks off. This was my first time doing a presentation, and I was both excited and scared. Getting such a big job like this would open the door for more work, and even a promotion. At the same time, one screw up and I would probably be demoted, or in a worst case scenario, fired from my job. To truly impress the client, I decided to go outside of the box and rent a party bus from www.partybustoronto.limo to use for my presentation.

Rather than delivering a boring presentation in an office building, I would pick the client up in the party bus and have it drive around while I give my presentation. It was a plan that was just crazy enough to work. I kept the full details of my plan a secret so that I wouldn’t get any opposition from the boss. I had a planned route for the party bus to follow to get the client to approve of my presentation. I figured that if we went by a lot of restaurants and bakeries with delicious food, the aroma would influence his decision.

When I showed up with the party bus, my boss had the most puzzled look on his face. As I started the presentation, the client had a stone faced look. He was going to be a tough nut to crack, but I wasn’t going to give up. As we went past a bakery on the bus, the client’s face went from grimaced to relaxed. He looked like he hadn’t eaten all morning and was ready to sink his teeth into a blueberry muffin. As time went on, the client had enough. He said that he would agree to do business with us if we could stop for a meal.

August 16 2016 12:31 pm | England Travel Guide

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