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Business Trips to London? Staying in a Business or Touristic Zone?

London is the largest city in the UK, and the headquarters of many of the country’s largest companies. In addition, overseas companies with UK or European branches often base their operations in London. In addition to private enterprise, London is home to most government agencies as well as many universities, non-profit organisations, media outlets, banks and more. There are thousands of reasons to travel to London on business. If you’re heading into the capital on a business trip, you may be worried about finding an affordable place to stay within easy reach of your destination. If you’re representing your own company, or are self-employed, keeping a business trip within budget takes on a new importance.

The key to finding a London hotel that fits your budget is selecting the right area to stay in. London, as a major European cultural capital, is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Every year, millions of visitors flood into London to take in the city’s architecture, art galleries, museums, theatres, shops, landmarks and other attractions. From the Tower of London to the London Eye, central London is a tourist’s paradise, and hotels in this area typically cater to tourists. In London, as in every other popular tourist destination in the world, services marketed to tourists tend to come at a higher price.

Taking a look at London’s business districts can reveal accommodation better suited to your trip, with the added advantage of being closer to your goal. You won’t pay extra for being close to Madame Tussaud’s or the British Museum; instead, you’ll be near the places you need to be. For instance, consider looking for hotels in the Docklands. London has several major business districts, but this region is one of the fastest-growing and most significant. In the few decades since its foundation, it’s risen to challenge the City of London as the centre of London’s financial services industry.

Because the Docklands is a relatively recent development, it incorporates both business and residential buildings, as well as hotels. Some Docklands hotels occupy the same skyscrapers as some of the world’s most important financial institutions. If you’re making a business trip to London, a hotel in the Docklands offers quick access to major business districts as well as to the rest of London by Underground or DLR services.

April 12 2012 09:14 am | Travel News

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