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Basic Camping Gear Everyone Should Have

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Camping is a fun activity that everybody in the family can enjoy. However, just like anything else, camping requires the right kind of gear and equipment from to have a good time. Here are some guidelines on what everybody should have when you take to the woods.

Camping can certainly take its toll on clothing. You want durable and long-lasting clothing when you are outside. Jeans are the absolute best for being able to handle dirt, thorns, brambles, and everything else nature might throw at you. Most of the time, a t-shirt is going to be okay in the summer. However, it can get chilly depending on where you go, especially during the early morning and late at night. Everybody should pack a sweatshirt or light jacket, even in the middle of summer.

Tennis shoes are fine for most camping trips if you are not planning on traveling far. However, if you are doing a lot of walking, a good pair of hiking boots can really come in handy. After a day on the trail, you will be thankful for the ankle support they provide. They will also hold up better if you run into any puddles, mud, or swampy areas.

Be prepared for the weather when camping. Ponchos are great for unexpected storms. You can get ones that fold up into a neat package, and are small enough to carry in your pocket. A hat may come in handy too. A fedora style hat has a classic look, but even a baseball cap will help keep the sun out of your eyes. If you are outside all day, sunburn can be a real danger to exposed skin. SPF 15 sunscreen is an absolute must for any campers.

There are some small items nobody should ever be without on a camping trip. Everybody in your group should have a flashlight. If you do not like carrying around extra batteries, consider getting one that can hold a charge when wound up, or a solar powered one. A Swiss army knife can really come in handy. The multitude of functions it serves versus the amount of the space it takes up is unbeatable.

Of course, you will need something to carry you gear in on a camping trip. Your best bet is either a duffel bag or a backpack. Backpacks are ideal for hikers because they let them keep their arms free. A duffel bag filled with clothing can make a surprisingly good substitute for a pillow though.

It is hard to be ready for absolutely everything when you go camping. However, by choosing the right clothing like jeans, hiking boots, a hat, and a jacket you can ensure you wardrobe protects you from the elements. Bring along sunscreen for the group, and make sure everybody has their own flashlight. All your gear should be able to fit into a duffel bag or backpack so that it is easily transported.

New England Tours- The Best of the Region

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Comprised of six states on the east coast of the USA, New England, named by Captain John Smith in 1614, is one of the most attractive regions in the country. On New England tours you can experience everything from the culture and class of colonial Boston to the beaches and historic villages of Cape Cod.

Here is my guide to the three most popular New England states and their holiday highlights.


Boston, the state’s capital, is a historic city with endless stories to tell, and was the centre of the colonists rebellion against British rule that led to the Boston Tea Party.

For relaxed summer fun, Cape Cod is a charming destination with an old-world feel. Sandcastles, picnics, sailboats and golden sands characterise a Cape Cod scene in summer time, and there are excellent biking and hiking trails around the coast of the peninsula.

To the south of the cape, the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket have their own unique vibes, and are the perfect summer escapes. Learn about the whaling history of the islands, see the grand estates build in the eighteenth century and enjoy the flora and fauna of the nature reserves.

Rhode Island

The smallest state in the USA is a classy, coast-rich region where sailing and summer houses are all the rage.

Newport is famous for having been the summer holiday destination for the rich and famous, and is still a place to see and be seen. The yachting capital of New England, Newport, is glamorous without being stuffy, and the quality of bars and fresh seafood restaurants reflect this. Take a tour around the area to see the impressive mansions built during the nineteenth century and take the Cliff Walk for stunning views out over the ocean.

Providence, the state capital, is ideal for strolling and idling with attractive parkland and sites of cultural interest. Spend the day in the lush Roger Williams Park where you can go boating on the lake, explore the forest and gaze at the stars in the planetarium.


The most wild and outdoorsy of the New England States, Vermont includes beautiful terrain for hiking, canoeing and mountain climbing. It is well known for having more trees than people, and quaint historic towns as opposed to modern cities are the norm.

Extensive trails trough Vermont’s gentle wilderness are perfect for camping and hiking, with well loved routes including the Appalachian Trail. Whatever outdoor pursuit you’re in to, Vermont will be the place in New England to find enthusiasts and terrain.

The best time to visit Vermont is in the autumn, when the state’s population of trees put on a spectacular display as the leaves turn all kinds of copper, gold and bronze. The state’s ‘fall foliage’ is what attracts many to take a tour of region, with the wild forests and rivers framing story-book towns in a breathtaking array of colours.